Omni-media Big Data Analysis Platform

xMiner leverages our cutting-edge cloud-based big data analytics technology, to facilitate users’ in-depth policy analysis, brand monitoring, reputation analysis, sentiment analysis, and public opinion analysis. We serve enterprises, public utilities, NGOs, government, research organizations, and universities.

Here are the major features:

All-Media Coverage

xMiner covers full range of online & social media source. Users can track and monitor specific topics, products, brands, and social issues on social media. Our research team manages and fine-tunes regularly, to keep the data from social media precise and clear.

Risk Flagging and Alert

Our sophisticated risk flagging system monitors information from all online channels 7-24, picking up sensitive signals at early stage. Alert can be set by multi-indicators, including keywords, values, focus groups and specific media sources. xMiner provides you a worry-free instant push alert via email and WhatsApp to let you have an upper hand on crisis. We save all alert information on our online crisis management center with comprehensive time log and posts.

Public Sentiment Analysis

To fulfill the diverse needs of clients, we developed our one-ofa-kind analysis module, which not only supports multivariable cross-analysis but also enables online and offline data collection. Our professional research team compiles reports on topical or time-basis, delivers in-depth insights and sum up netizens’ dynamics directly to your mailbox.

Brand Reputation Analysis

Brand audit and monitoring help brands to shape and fine-tune their media and publicity strategy. Despite evaluating the buzz and sentiment of one's own brand, our solution enables analysis of market exposure, trend and focus of public discussions, netizens’ sentiment, dig out opinion leaders and hot posts. Clients can also keep updated on the performance of their competitors.

Campaign Evaluation

Our platform helps you to assess the effectiveness of your various initiatives such as PR events, corporate social responsibility (CSR) events, and publicity campaigns. More than buzz trend and sentiment, we analyze the public responses and sentiments in details. No matter you want to assess whether key messages of the campaign have delivered to the right target, or evaluate the performance of ambassadors, our solution can give you a lift a bit. It also allows you to make comparison and close monitor the performance of your competitors as well.

Academic Research

Integrating traditional content analysis methodology with leading-edge technology, uMax Data offers the best research tool for the academic institutes with great efficiency and convenience. Our platform facilitates massive textual data collection and analysis, supports multi-dimensions and multivariate analysis. Researchers can create their own database via online data collection and offline data uploading. Besides, all coding and analysis results can be checked and backtracked. This fulfilled the highest standard of academic research requirements.

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