Client Needs

Corporate PR

Branding and communication is challenging in this dynamic digital age. Therefore you need an integrated platform centralizing information from all media sources all-at-one-stop. Our leading-edge analysis solutions allow you to get hold of the real perception of the audience, and thus enhance the brand exposure and campaign effectiveness.

uMax Data Helps You…

Enhance Brand Image

Brand image is an important asset of corporations. Despite evaluating the buzz and reputation of one's own brand, our solution enables analysis of market exposure, trend & focus of public discussions, netizens’ sentiment, and to discover opinion leaders and hot posts. Clients can also keep updated on the industry dynamics, monitor the performance of their competitors.

Crisis Management

uMax Data gives you an upper hand during PR crisis. Our sophisticated risk flagging system monitors information from all online channels, instantly summarise netizens’ comments and discussion focus in an organized manner, provides you insights for responses. Our real-time radar functions 7-24, monitoring high-risk factors by multi-indicators. We provide you worry-free instant push alert via email and WhatsApp,. You can also pick up the alert information on our online crisis management center with comprehensive time log and posts.

Evaluate Campaign Performance

Our platform helps you to measure the effectiveness of your various initiatives such as PR evens, corporate social responsibility (CSR) events, and publicity campaigns. More than buzz trend and sentiment, we analyze the public reactions and sentiments in details. No matter you want to assess whether key messages of the campaign have delivered to the right target or evaluate the performance of ambassadors, our solution can give you a lift a bit. It also allows you to make comparison and close monitor on the performance of your competitors as well.

Daily Reporting

Our all-rounded daily reports summarize online dynamics for brands and events, to help you quickly grasp the full picture of digital world. Our research team also serves issue-based reports upon requests, to evaluate the situation and impact of an incident.

Search Social Media Content

User social media contents and feeds by just a single click.

Dig up Hot Topics

Identify hot topics and share of discussions can help boost brand exposure. uMax Data covers all major social media platforms, forums, websites with video and images, to help you spot out the hottest issues.

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