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Academic Institutes

Internet studies and public opinion research become popular for social science and humanities faculties. Yet the dynamic, massive and unstructured information from social media always the pain point of researchers. Other data analytics platforms can seldom fit into the high standard of academia, yet the exclusive system of uMax Data is made to fit the research needs of universities and academic institutes which ensured academic credibility from start to end.

uMax Data Helps You…

Flexible and Efficient

Integrating traditional content analysis methodology with leading-edge technology, uMax Data offers the best research tool for the academic institutes with great efficiency and convenience. Our platform facilitates massive textual data collection and analysis, supports multi-dimensions and multivariate analysis. Researchers can create their own database via online data collection and offline data uploading. Besides, all coding and analysis results can be checked and back-traced. This fulfilled the highest standard of academic research requirements.

Ensure Academic Credibility

Strictly follows the methodology and procedure of content analysis, uMax Data ensure academic credibility from the start to its end. Our one-of-its-kind analysis module can seamlessly combine human and machine coding by our in-built coding center, also automatize part of the flow of content analysis. We centralized coding, reliability testing, quality control all at one stop. All data and analysis result can be traced back and verified, ensuring high transparency, which preserves credibility of the research and thesis.

All-Media Coverage

uMax Data covers all major social media platforms and websites with videos and images, providing full coverage of digital resources.

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