HK Pulse

AI Social Listening & Analytics Platform

HK Pulse is the all-in-one social listening platform satisfying all you need. Covering all major news websites and social media platforms, we provide real-time updates and AI auto reports for brand monitoring, sentiment analysis, crisis management, competitor analysis, and other social media analytics.

Here are the major features:

Social Listening

Customizing topics of concern for organizations facilitates monitoring of brands, competitors, and talks of the town. Interactive dashboard visualizes sentiments, trend, public focus, hot posts, KOLs, and more, shows you the current online world at a glance. We also support email notifications and smart reports.

Crisis Alert

Our sophisticated risk flagging system monitors social media 7x24, picking up sensitive signals at an early stage. HK Pulse provides you a worry-free instant notification via email, WhatsApp, and platform login, to let you have an upper hand on PR crisis.

Brand Reputation Analysis

HK Pulse can help users to evaluate the brand online reputation in terms of exposure, sentiment and public focus, and to discover opinion leaders and hot posts. Clients can also compare with industry peers and specific competitors.

All- Social Media Search

Sophisticated search function allows users to get precise social media content search results. Results can be sorted by time, relevancy, reactions, and more, to give you the social media information that you concerned most.

Multiple Displays

Both PC and mobile versions are available. Support multi-media including images, videos, emojis, and etc.

HK Pulse

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