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Public Affairs

For those organizations which are highly sensitive to public opinions and current issues, xMiner helps you to manage the massive data which makes monitoring more easily. With the assistance of our robust platform and well-rounded auto reports, we help you to have a quick understanding on daily hot issues in minutes.

uMax Data Helps You…

Identify Public Opinion

For policy and issue analysis, general buzz and sentiment monitoring is neither sufficient to understand the full picture nor to plan related strategies. We differentiate ourselves with unique cross-media multivariate in-depth analysis module, helps you to find out the true concerns and focuses of different political camps and influencers. Let you staying at the forefront of discussion, and distinguish opinion leaders, to give you the real picture of public opinions.

Policy Analysis

With the most comprehensive current-issue-related database in the industry and our unique analysis models, uMax Data offers complete social research with support of academic methodology and quality. We support analysis of netizens’ reactions, discussion focuses, public sentiment analysis, and analysis of different political camps. Besides, our customized data platform can cater for both online and offline data resources to satisfy all policy analysis demands.

Risk Flagging and Alert

uMax Data gives you an upper hand during PR crisis. Our sophisticated risk flagging system monitors information from all online channels, instantly summarise netizens’ comments and discussion focus in an organized manner, provides you insights for responses. Our real-time radar functions 7-24, monitoring high-risk factors by multi-indicators. We provide you worry-free instant push alert via email and WhatsApp,. You can also pick up the alert information on our online crisis management center with comprehensive time log and posts.

Evaluate Campaigns & Advocacies

Our solution allows you to assess the performance of policy advocacies, events and campaigns by comparing the before-and-after effects. More than buzz trend and sentiment, the exclusive analysis module of our platform made dynamic analyze much easier. Combined automated setting and manual alteration mechanism, campaigners can make comparison among other competitors in a few minutes.

Public Policies Research

With our flexible operation system, strong data mining technology and analyzing capacity, uMax Data explores new angles for your policy researches with higher efficiency. Researchers can build up their own research data file with both online and offline data, together with human and machine coding, top-class semantic analysis and machine learning technology, our visualized multivariable analysis insights could surely fit your research purposes.

Public Opinion Reporting

To fulfill the diverse needs of clients, we developed our one-of-a-kind analysis module, which support multivariable cross-analysis. We also provide customized daily reports, to let you closely follow the latest dynamics and related analysis. Our professional research team also serves reports on topical basis; help you quickly grasp the development of issues in the digital world.

Customised Topics of Concerns

Customize topics of concern for organizations and individual users facilitating them to keep informed on specific issues at a single click. Mobile-friendly version let you keep track of the latest development at anytime, anywhere.

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