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News Media

Social media and news media are closely interrelated. Journalists dig up and investigate news stories in the digital world. Therefore an all-in-one real-time information portal will largely facilitate your work. uMax Data also enables tracking of competitor performance and hot issue popularity, to help you score in this fierce battlefield of digital media.

uMax Data Helps You…

Discover Hot Topics

Identify hot topics and share of discussions can help boost brand exposure. uMax Data covers all major social media platforms, forums, websites with video and images, to help you spot out the hottest issues.

Visualized Intelligence

Preset and customised dashboards on social intelligence including word cloud and trend lines offer quick overview at a glance. Interactive graphs help facilitate and trace the related posts.

Customised Topics of Concerns

Customised topics of concern for organizations and individual users facilitating them to keep informed on specific issues at a single click. Mobile-friendly version let you keep track of the latest development at anytime, anywhere.

Monitor Page Performance

Monitor online engagement such as reactions, shares, comments and others, to evaluate the performance of social media pages. Our platforms help you to rank the hot posts and thus to review strategies. Clients may also compare online performance with other competitors.

Research for Feature Stories

Data-journalism is a hot topic among the journalists, and investigating public sentiment from social media and online buzz is also part of it. With our methodology which is widely recognized by academia, our unique platform can combine both online & offline data, analyze with multivariable, interactive dashboards including word cloud and trend lines, brings new angles to news reporting.

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