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xMiner Omni-media Monitoring & Analysis Platform


Omni-media Big Data Analysis Platform

Combining cutting-edge cloud-based big data analytics technology and worldwide data coverage,xMiner helps to conduct corporate brand monitoring,market analysis;sentiment analysis,public opinion analysis,and policy analysis.

LawMiner Integrated Platform for Social Listening and Legal Insights


Integrated Platform for Legal Insights & Social Listening

Integrating legal insights & social listening,LawMiner helps user to boost their competitiveness and efficiency with in dustry updates,talk of the town,industry analysis,and more visualized insights.

HK Pulse Omni-Media AI Analytics

HK Pulse

Al Social Listening & Analytics Platform

Collects social media & online updates in real-time, HK Pulse provide all essentials for social listening including omni-media search, brand monitoring, sentim ent analysis, CO mpetitor monitoring, smart reports and PR crisis alerts.