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xMiner Omni-media Monitoring & Analysis Platform


Omni-media Big Data Analysis Platform

Combining cutting-edge cloud-based big data analytics technology and worldwide data coverage,xMiner helps to conduct corporate brand monitoring,market analysis;sentiment analysis,public opinion analysis,and policy analysis.

LawMiner Integrated Platform for Social Listening and Legal Insights


Making Litigation Smarter Easier!

LawMiner is the most comprehensive legal analytics platform which covers sentencing patterns of 900+ Offences, all-round analysis of performance of lawyers, law firms and judges. Collect legal-related news, combined with social listening, and quickly grasp the key to the successful litigation.

HK Pulse Omni-Media AI Analytics

HK Pulse

Al Social Listening & Analytics Platform

Collects social media & online updates in real-time, HK Pulse provide all essentials for social listening including omni-media search, brand monitoring, sentim ent analysis, CO mpetitor monitoring, smart reports and PR crisis alerts.