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  • Big Data Intelligence Mining
    Big Data Intelligence Mining

    The internet is a vast treasure vault of data. Our professional team who specializes in data mining and analysis provides you with a market intelligence of high accuracy and relevancy, which effectively drives your decision-making process with greater efficiency.

  • Comprehensive Media Coverage on Single Platform
    Comprehensive Media Coverage on Single Platform

    Staying at the forefront of data crawling technology, uMax Data captures data covering online news sources and popular social media platforms. Other than the textual contents, we also collect all non-textual data including video, images, and emojis, to provide a comprehensive social listening platform.

  • umaxdata Social Listening & Analysis Specialist – 10 years+ Cantonese Analysis
    Scalable Platform for In-depth Analysis

    Our big data analysis platform is featured with high flexibility, support cross-analysis among different sources, topics, and keywords on one platform. Our scalable platform is perfect for insight visualization and illustration. Users can customize according to individual needs. Our analytic reports are of high transparency. Users can verify the results by tracing back to the original sources. Dashboard and data set can be directly downloaded from and uploaded to the platform. Our reliability makes us popular among public affairs, business, and academic sectors.

  • umaxdata Social Listening & Analysis Specialist – 10 years+ Cantonese Analysis
    Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology

    With over a decade of experience in Chinese textual analysis and natural language processing, uMax Data has become an expert in the area of Mandarin, Cantonese and English NLP, especially suitable for Hong Kong & Mainland China online community. Supplemented with machine learning and artificial intelligence, we are capable in structurizing complex semantic data, and further into insights.

  • umaxdata Social Listening & Analysis Specialist – 10 years+ Cantonese Analysis
    O2O Customized Solution

    We are committed to serve our clients the best. Our customized data platform can cater for both online and offline data resources – whether they are massive unstructured internet data, corporate internal textual data, or disordered dark data. Our data experts will turn them into business values, boost your business performance effectively.

umaxdata Social Listening & Analysis Specialist – 10 years+ Cantonese Analysis


xMiner Omni-media Monitoring & Analysis Platform


Omni-media Big Data Analysis Platform

Combining cutting-edge cloud-based big data analytics technology and worldwide data coverage,xMiner helps to conduct corporate brand monitoring, market analysis; sentiment analysis, public opinion analysis, and policy analysis.

LawMiner Integrated Platform for Social Listening and Legal Insights


Integrated Platform for Legal Insights & Social Listening

Integrating legal insights & social listening, LawMiner® helps user to boost their competitiveness and efficiency with in dustry updates, talk of the town,industry analysis, and more visualized insights.

HK Pulse Omni-Media AI Analytics

HK Pulse

Al Social Listening & Analytics Platform

Collects social media & online updates in real-time, HK Pulse provide all essentials for social listening including omni-media search, brand monitoring, sentim ent analysis, CO mpetitor monitoring, smart reports and PR crisis alerts.